Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daughters of the Most High

Wow! What an amazing weekend.  Yesterday, I attended Daughters of the Most High a ladies conference at Unity (my home church).  We were blessed by two amazing speakers: Reba Bowman and Darmaris Carbaugh.  Both ladies were used by God to touch my hearts core. Throughout this conference, I had several eye opening moments.  One such moment was when the question "are you a follower of Christ" was asked.

Well, obviously my initial answer was "yes...I'm saved and in His word daily".  As the day unfolded I was really convicted of how much more there is to following Christ then simply those things.  It is a daily surrendering of ourselves to our Lord.  We must deny ourselves so that God can work through our lives to impact others.  One of the speakers really convicted me with, when we do not deny ourselves we are disobeying Christ. We as Christians were made to bring honor and glory to Christ.  We must decrease so he must increase (John 3:30).  As a true follower of Christ we have to learn to get behind Him and allow Him to lead and guided all of our decisions.   All God wants is for us to be like Him and to serve others with whatever means he has gifted us to do so.

One of the things about being a true follower that really convicted me was a daily surrendering.  We must consciously surrender to His will on a daily basis.  This is not some project we are starting on that "oh, I will just get to it when I can". This is our Heavenly Father and The King of Kings! We should begin our day with a  prayer of total surrender to whatever His will is for our lives.  God has never asked to much from us.  He has always been there for us and has NEVER quit.  Begin your day my laying down yourself and picking up your cross.  That way God can receive all of the glory that He is due.

I definitely was blessed by going to this conference.  It was a time to refocus on how to surrender to the Lord, and now I am going to react by daily taking up my cross and following Him!

:) Kristin

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  1. Hey Darlin':

    Love the post. It is such a blessing to know Matt has someone who is so Spiritually grounded. You are going to be a tremendous asset to his ministry. Not only that, but you are a terrific daughter-in-love. Lisa and I love you dearly.