Thursday, March 10, 2011


Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great start to your day. I absolutely love the mornings. I am what my husband calls a "morning person". The mornings are my God and I time. Its really a time where I can focus and get into His word. For the past couple of mornings I have been listening to Francesca Battisteli's "This is the Stuff" at the end of my quiet time. It is an awesome song! The song really puts into perspective how much we are blessed yet complain about the present. I know at times I may find myself complaining because I can't find something, or I'm late, etc. I have really started to think about what I am blessed with and it really puts my current situation into prospective. Try thanking God for what you do have and are able to do. Also, thank Him for the trial's He sends are way. He is only trying to draw us closer to Him :)

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  1. I heart this song! It is so relatable and it is the perfect way to start your day! Thanks for sharing it! Listening to it now!